I have located my my stash of furniture kits the last days and I have built and stained these school benches from Kotte Toys.  He sells internationally as well. I still have too make hinges for them and to paint the slates stored in the benches.   Advertisements

I found two handquilted  1/12 baby quilts I made several years ago and a quilt I made several years ago and quilted this week.

Miniature toys

My son brought these miniature animals from Japan for my birthday on the 25th of december. From the left a bear in kimono, a rabbit and a cat in kimono. Probably intended for a key holder but I intend to remove the chain for attachment to a key holder. Aren´t they lovely?

I have started to knit the sweater from Buttercup Miniature´s Advent Calendar in bluegreen wool.

I made mini turtles using acorn caps I collected at the end of the twentieth century when I made a mini rabbit in a bed made from acorn caps from a miniature magazine. . Materials: * Cernit, Fimo or Sculpey clay in any color you wish * Caps from acorn * Glue (in case you […]

I have put pictures on my knitting blog of the heartwarmers and the lace shawl. I have also completed the basket kit from Barb Lewis.

Today I have lacquered the stained parts for the tatami room. I also started on the little basket kit I bought from Barb Lewis at Shelly Norris online miniature show.I am looking forward to the next show in August on A Mini Miniature Show  And another heartwarmer shawl is ready, mainly because I knit when […]